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On yoga in the workplace:

"The deep breathing and relaxation employees get from yoga help them to be more focused. When they go back to work, they're in a position to make better decisions."
Bill Doyle, HBO Employee, Health and Fitness Director

"PharmData is a hard working, fast-paced environment. We were lucky to find an experienced yoga instructor who was willing to work with our schedules and teach at our offices. The convenience of the classes and interest from the employees was overwhelming. The benefit employees get from yoga helps improve their focus and overall productivity allowing them to make better decisions. These classes have changed the outlook of the individuals and the company as a whole."
Tara Fitzgerald, PharmData, Inc., Vice President, Operations

"For years I wanted to participate in a yoga class but there were never enough hours in the day. Being able to participate in class during my workday has increased my overall productivity as well as my energy level. Class is the stress reliever that had been needed for some time. I enjoy working in an environment where the company is concerned about my overall well being. After attending class you can't help being stress free and feeling confident to meet any challenges that may come your way."
Melissa Clayton, Volunteer Coordinator- AUM, WACS

"We have a yoga class for the teachers at my school every week. Each participant has learned how to incorporate yoga practices into their lives for stress release, muscle tone and balance, and for overall mental and physical well-being. Our weekly class has been something to which we all look forward."
Suzie Moss-High, Teacher, Adobe Bluffs Elementary

"My first yoga class at work left my muscles warm and my mind refreshed. I returned to my job with what felt like an entirely new body. Though I participate in various sports, I have never experienced anything as physically and mentally stimulating as yoga. I discovered that yoga is an activity that doesn't just stop at the end of a lesson. The focus and energy from the class carries over into the rest of the workday. "
Elizabeth E. Weber, BD Biosciences Pharmingen

On yoga and stress-related injuries:

"Yoga in conjunction with meditation can indeed lower stress and improve work performance."
Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Mass. Medical Center

"A yoga-based regimen is more effective than wrist splinting in relieving some symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome."
Journal of American Medical Association, 1998

"Many doctors now prescribe yoga for patients suffering from heart disease, arthritis, or diabetes. Imagine what it can do for people whose biggest complaint is stress headaches."
US News and World Report, 1997

"The bottom line is that yoga is an exercise that is food for the heart."
Dr. Noel Bairey Merz; Medical Director Cardiac Center at
Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles

On yoga in the news:

"Fifteen million Americans include some form of yoga in their fitness regimen-twice as many as did five years ago."
Time Magazine

"The best part of yoga is that it doesn't end with class. What you learn through yoga readily transfers to other aspects of life."
Sandra Uyterhoeven, Columnist, HR Today

On Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction:

"The Stress Reduction Program became my lifeline - It literally saved my life. One can find peace and calm in the middle of chaos and confusion."

"The techniques I learned, particularly meditation, have proven so powerful and helpful..."

"I never thought once I started living in constant pain that I would ever be able to have peace of mind and enjoy life again. Thank you for proving me wrong."

"I became aware that when I was acting on impulse, I could stop and not just react. It changed my life."

"Thanks UMass, for one of the best gifts I've ever received...Real tools for a healthy, vibrant, mindful life."

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